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"I create dynamic figurative sculpture which capture movement and can humanise public spaces. After many years of creating 'human figures in action' recent public commissions have led me to create life size sculptures of animals - including exploring the contribution made by the horse to canal life and highlighting the plight of an endangered species like the wild tiger. Due to illness I'm finally moving away from using fibreglass resin as my main medium after over fifteen years! Now I'm focussing on re-using recycled waste materials mainly for large scale works and modelling with polymer clay for smaller scale work, and exploring sculpting with papercrete (concrete & paper). I'm preoccupied with themes of balance, the process of falling, and capturing sequences of movement whether human or animal."

artist with lion

Faith Bebbington has been a professional artist since 1994, with a studio base in Liverpool.
BA Hons. Degree in Fine Art: Sculpture from Winchester School of Art 1986.
Postgraduate Teaching Certificate in Art from Liverpool John Moores University 1992
Member of the National Black Arts Alliance.


Faith's permanent fibreglass resin sculptures are mostly hand built on a welded metal inner framework. This is clad with tightly packed and taped with bubble wrap or newspaper to create the form, then coated with layers of fibre glass resin, before the final surface layer of paint or resin pigments are applied. This process is flexible, producing robust and low maintenance artwork.

She now produces semi permanent sculptures using reclaimed materials such as plastics or cardboard having moved away from resin as a material.